It was announced today that Cellucci Associates, Inc. (CAI) and Van-Tech Industries, LLC (“Van-Tech”) formed a strategic partnership whereby CAI’s Marketing Division will be Van-Tech’s partner in marketing their environmentally conscious “green” cleaning products. The partnership between Cellucci Associates, Inc. and Van-Tech Industries aims to deliver these revolutionary products to multiple markets globally through various marketing and sales agreements.

Van-Tech’s eco-friendly, “green chemical” cleaning products are manufactured in the United States. The product line is composed of over 35 unique products ranging from “All Purpose Cleaner” to “Powder Oxygen Cleaner”, serving a multitude of industries.

Thomas A. Cellucci, PhD, MBA, Cellucci Associates, Inc.’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) commented: “The comprehensive line of Van-Tech’s products is unique, and positions both Van-Tech Industries and Cellucci Associates, Inc. for continued success in promoting the need for environmentally responsible products throughout not only the local, state, and federal government sectors, but also commercial markets. We are proud to have Van-Tech Industries as a strategic partner that continues our quest into environmentally responsible products. We are also so proud to be associated with a top-tier, veteran-owned minority small business with a stellar track-record of performance excellence.”

Cellucci Associates, Inc. has built a solid reputation in the global commercialization of technologies, services, and products and holds an impressive roster of clients. On average, CAI receives over 50 new client requests weekly. Dr. Cellucci recently published his 23rd book: “A Guide to Innovative Public-Private Partnerships: Utilizing the Resources of the Private Sector for the Public Good.” His expertise and leadership drives the firm’s continued success in its 14th year of operation.

Lester Quintana, Cellucci Associates, Inc.’s Senior Vice President of Consulting Services stated: “Watching two respective leaders work together is truly gratifying. We are excited about this partnership’s ability to revolutionize such a large, unsatisfied global market with a wide array of public and private sector customers.”

Van Bond Sr, Principal, Van Tech Industries LLC, commented, “Our strategic partnership with Cellucci Associates, Inc. creates wonderful synergy that will integrate our products into large scale Green Business Initiatives and promote the use of effective enviro-friendly products in private industry and government business. Van-Tech distributes Green-Cleaning products that are included in the USDA Bio-Preferred Procurement Program. They can be applied directly to cleaning services for facilities management projects and household tasks–and are safer for the user and the environment!”

About Cellucci Associates, Inc.
Consultants to business, industry, and government the Cellucci Associates, Inc. provides solutions on high technology strategic management, commercialization and marketing of emerging technologies, as well as nanotechnology. Its headquarters is in Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square) with offices in Washington, DC; Stockholm, Sweden; and Dallas, Texas. The Firm was founded by Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, an accomplished serial entrepreneur, Managing Partner of sizeable ($1B scale) Private Equity fund and senior executive/Board member with experience in both the private and public sectors. During his public service, Cellucci was often described in the worldwide press as “A Strategist that EXECUTES” and a “Change Agent” in the public sector by developing and implementing innovative public-private partnerships that enabled the cost-effective and efficient development of products and services to keep the nation safe–all at the benefit of the taxpayer. Besides his business acumen and technical expertise, Cellucci has proudly been a First Responder for over 34 years.

Inquiries can be addressed to: [email protected]

About Van-Tech Industries, LLC
Van Tech Industries, LLC (“Van-Tech”) is a Veteran-Owned, licensed distributor of Facilities Maintenance Products, Industrial Cleaning Chemicals, “Green Chemical” Cleaning Products, Paper Products, Construction Supplies and Safety Supplies. Van-Tech was founded in 1990 by Van Bond in 1990 St. Louis, Missouri. Its Headquarters are in Washington DC, Van-Tech offers name-brand products from major manufacturers and wholesalers based in the United States. For over 20-years, Van-Tech has provided facilities maintenance products and construction supplies to private industry, universities, school districts, as well as Federal and State Government agencies.

Inquiries can be addressed to: Van Bond, Sr. at [email protected]