It was announced today that Dr. Thomas A. Cellucci, former Chief Commercialization Officer and Senior Counselor at the US Department of Homeland Security had some of his work highlighted by President Obama yesterday at the State of the Union Address. Dr. Cellucci was appointed by President Obama to serve on a special team to propose how advanced manufacturing could become a sustainable national competitive advantage based on his prolific work on public-private partnerships, and requirements generation as well as commercialization. The team’s product was release in February 2012 and is called “A National Strategic Plan for Advanced Manufacturing.” Cellucci’s background as a successful CEO and Board member in the private sector coupled with his work in both the Bush and Obama Administrations garnered respect by senior executives in both government and the private sector because he could “navigate the waters” and “walk the talk” across both domains. Cellucci was the first federal official to be a member of the Council on Competitiveness in Washington DC. (see: