Areas of Expertise

Aerospace and Defense

  • Years of experience in developing major Aerospace and Defense accounts
  • Offer detailed Aerospace and Defense funding trend analysis as well as specialized strategic marketing analysis

Agriculture Technologies

  • Innovative Agriculture Technology Solutions- with the world population soars past 7 billion people, it becomes increasingly difficult to produce enough food in sustainable ways. Nations resort to use less arable land for agriculture and this comes with numerous challenges. Water resources continue to dwindle amidst competition for agriculture productions and human consumption in growing cities and communities. Aging infrastructure has become a threat worldwide. Climate change threatens adversely affect agriculture production practices, while new emerging diseases prompt the need for biodefense strategies. We provide solutions by: providing technical expertise in agriculture and agriculture technology; supporting agriculture production internationally; providing research and development; providing access to capital for infrastructure and agriculture development; and identifying investment opportunities.
  • Develop and implement successful strategies to raise capital.

Biotechnology and Biodefense

  • We offer our customer executable solutions coupled with solid advisory services that enable capture of the funding streams required for product commercialization. These include assisting in developing and evaluating new technologies from technical design, lab research, proof-of-concept, prototype design, testing, through commercialization.
  • We offer innovative biodefense solutions to strengthen preparedness efforts allowing decision makers to rapidly respond to known, unknown and emerging biological threats. These include assisting in: providing executable information, analysis, and briefs on biological agents that can be used in bioterrorism incidences; identifying cutting-edge technologies, flexible capability, to counter biological threats. We support and enhance the development of public-private-partnership in U.S. and with international governments by developing tools and processes to facilitate systematic portfolio program management, product development and evaluation; promoting collaboration and communication between federal agencies, national labs private sector, university communities, and other entities involved in biodetection and biosurvellance research.
  • Develop and implement successful strategies to raise capital.

Commercialization of Emerging Technologies

  • Develop and implement rapid time-to-market plans to commercialize emerging technologies
  • Provide recruiting services for senior executives as well as sales engineering positions
  • Develop and implement successful strategies to raise capital

Environmental Disturbance Control

  • Offer detailed, practical training in understanding the adverse effects and control of microscopic vibration, sound pressure levels (acoustics) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) on the performance of industrial equipment, particularly those found in the semiconductor and computer disk drive industries
  • Offer customized problem solving for determining environmental disturbances adversely affecting high-end industrial tools or processes
  • Provide current information and methods on how to generate equipment specifications to enable tool performance to be achieved at various worldwide customer sites

Global Research Services: Technology Foraging

Global Research Services (GRS) is an “umbrella term”, which encompasses a plethora of applied research services that provide actionable strategic and/or tactical direction to enabling rapidly deployed capabilities. Technology Foraging (TF), the process of identifying technologies, products and systems applicable to well-formulated capability gaps is a key component of enabling the rapid and cost-effective deployment of technically based solutions to end users, constituents and/or stakeholders of a variety of enterprises.

Technology foraging identifies, screens, and links various technologies to specific user requirements within a government or organization. Technology foraging is a continuum, starting with the “collection of business cards” up through a fully integrated due-diligence review of technology vendor(s), market(s), and requirements. Rarely does one identify a technology that is fully ready for deployment, yet remains unknown to the user community. More often, we identify promising technologies earlier in the Technology Readiness Level and/or technologies that are in development for different applications. Our knowledge grows in quality and relevance as we systematically use our technical expertise and experience (assisted by proprietary technologies) to ferret out useful data that we transform into information, then knowledge to rapidly reduce development life cycles—all at the same time saving taxpayer dollars. Expanding our knowledge base requires active data gathering efforts¸ critical assessment, and technical judgment.

Technology Foraging enables the Governments and Industries to gain useful and actionable knowledge on activities and requirements relevant to initiatives that may be underway in other federal agencies, the national labs, the private sector, university communities, and other entities involved in research and development activities. This will also provide the science and technology and research and developments communities with the ability to leverage its ongoing activities through its many programs and initiatives that openly and freely share information and knowledge to enhance capabilities offered to other government portfolios. Thus, by effectively scanning the global technology marketplace, personnel will better utilize capabilities external to government, resulting in shorter program lifecycles, increased responsiveness to end user(s), and cost-savings.

This is a unique service, which requires discussion. Interested parties should contact us directly.

High Technology Strategic Management

  • Offer customized reports or consulting services focused on developing either strategic business or marketing plans with metrics to monitor progress
  • Provide in-depth industry analysis, market segmentation and market potential customized for a client’s particular interest
  • Offer detailed business strategies to achieve profitable growth in either expanding or declining market conditions
  • Offer customized consulting services to develop and implement strategic mergers or acquisitions, including the complete authorship of business plans for prospective buyers
  • Develop and implement rapid time-to-market new product development programs and processes

High Technology Sales and Marketing

  • Sales activities
  • Identification and management of distribution channels
  • Marketing communications resources
  • Offer field-proven corporate presentations to gain access to existing or potential new markets
  • Provide customized competitive analysis reports

Homeland Security

  • Offer in-depth and practical knowledge to understand the US Homeland Security markets and applications
  • Develop and implement business models to target Homeland Security markets
  • Merger and Acquisition Strategic Planning and Due Diligence
  • Develop and implement successful strategies to raise capital

Lasers/Electro-Optics and Photonics

  • Aid in the evaluation and purchase of laser or photonics systems used in industrial, medical and R&D applications
  • Offer instruction on laser theory and safety
  • Offer customized seminars on fiber-optic technology, the use of lasers in industrial, medical or R&D applications, and current trends in photonics and the information superhighway

Micro- and Nanotechnology

  • Recognized expert in the commercialization of both micro- and nanotechnology having rapidly grown two such companies in the role of both President and Board member
  • Extensive background and worldwide network in the new product development of both MEMS-based and nano-based products and services

Practical Courses Taught by Leading Experts

  • Strategic Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Security Operations
  • Commercialization of Emerging Technologies

Partnerships in Security for Governments & Smart Cities

We provide a strategic systems approach to developing and implementing an innovation ecosystem: leveraging partnerships to increase the speed-of-execution of critical infrastructure/key resources with high-impact technology solutions at the regional, country and international levels.

Using our proven processes we identify critical infrastructure/key resource unfulfilled capability gaps for:

    • First Responders
    • Border Security
    • Cargo Security
    • Maritime Security
    • Cyber Security
    • Information Sharing
    • Interoperability
    • Transportation Security
    • Counter-IED
    • Chemical/Biological Defense
    • People Screening
    • Infrastructure Protection
    • Incident Management

Safety Act Designation Advisory Services – U.S. Homeland Security Act of 2002

  • The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the threat of liability does not deter potential manufacturers or Sellers of anti-terrorism technologies from developing, commercializing, and deploying technologies that could significantly reduce the risks or mitigate the effects of large-scale terrorist events. Thus, the Act creates certain liability limitations for “claims arising out of, relating to, or resulting from an Act of Terrorism” where Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies have been deployed. (Source:
  • We hold first hand knowledge, while continuing to serve as Chief Commercialization Officer, Thomas Cellucci, PhD, MBA our Chairman & CEO was asked to serve as Director of the Department of Homeland Security Office of SAFETY Act Implementation (OSAI), Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Office as well as the Commercialization Office.
  • Maritime sector participants such as carriers, shippers, technology providers, port authorities and public terminals can benefit from opportunities provided by the Act. In some cases, enterprises might speed the Act’s application processes by virtue of the operational efficiencies and safety-culture initiatives generated by the original development and subsequent deployment of vessel and facility security and discharge plans.

New Client Request

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Our firm accepts a limited amount of engagements at any one time. Our customers are reviewed through an extensive due diligence process encompassing over 60 elements.

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