tawainga-katsvairoTawainga Katsvairo, PhD

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services and New Technologies

Dr. Tawainga Katsvairo is a goal oriented consultant who oversees the Consulting Division for Cellucci Associates, Inc. He has performed C-level activities, project management and advisory roles on complex projects on a wide range of projects for multinational and publicly traded companies.

Tawainga has been involved in the identification of markets and market research for products leading to the placement of new products to the market in large retail chains. The insightful feasibility studies and market evaluations he has conducted have enabled companies to obtain federal and bank funding and facilitated decision making at senior management levels.

Dr. Katsvairo is a strategist who has successfully lead projects through the entire developmental and transformation breath–from conceptual ideas through research and development, and commercialization of technologies. He currently evaluates new technologies for commercial and technical viability, as well as investor funding potential for Cellucci Associates.

Tawainga has been part of project development teams for numerous alternative energy projects with a portfolio value of over $312 million. Projects included solar, biomass and biofuels.

Dr. Katsvairo provided research management and oversight as the lead scientist of a large multi-disciplinary and multi-state (FL, GA and AL) project to transform current traditional agricultural practices into resilience and sustainable cropping systems that produced higher income generation for rural farmers. The initiative is part of the USDA, with three states expected to achieve over $1B in additional revenue yearly to the region.

Dr. Katsvairo is an advisor on emerging markets in the Caribbean, Africa, as well as South and Central America. He assists clients on direct market entry and expansion, government regulations, and navigating complex operating environments. He has excellent skills in working within culturally diverse environments.

Tawainga has unparalleled success on contracts acquisition and grant writing with several US federal agencies.

Tawainga is an author of over 70 publications. His publications have been selected as examporarly scholarly articles. Sought after as a speaker, Tawainga makes numerous presentations in the US, as well as internationally, and is recognized for his engaging presentation style and in-depth knowledge approach to project management, new technologies, frontier markets, biotechnology, agriculture, and the identification of new technologies for commercialization.

Dr. Katsvairo earned his M.Sc. from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. His degrees are in Crop and Soil Sciences with a minor in Managerial Economics.